Day 2

Getting out of bed, walking up stairs, trying to get out of my chair….those are my new challenges.  Luckily, today is upper body.  Maybe Autumn and I will get along after all.  I felt pretty good about this one.  I’ve done quite of few the exercises before.  That all ended with “scissor twists.”  I’m pretty sure the same evil person who came up with frog crunches also thought this one up.  They kicked my butt.  I attempted a few with very little success.  Luckily, you can pull your knee to your chest which is actually doable.  I kinda wonder of some of these people(especially Autumn) aren’t bionic?  Seems reasonable to me.  If you try these workouts, you’ll probably agree.

My biggest surprise with the program has been the food.  Honestly, I feel like I’m cheating.  Who knew you could make a beef and broccoli stir fry that actually tastes good?  Surprise!!  I have yet to consume everything I’m allowed.  Speaking of surprises, what is this mysterious thing known as Shakeology?  I’ve tried quite a few protein powders, mostly from GNC.  I would find myself full of cravings about an hour after drinking them.  I have yet to experience that with Shakeology.  (Disclaimer-I’m not a coach..yet…maybe one day).  For me, Shakeology combined with the 21 day fix seems to finally be the solution I needed.



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