Day 5

Out of bed at the now usual 5:00 am.  Today is Cardio Fix day, I’m pretty sure this will be epic.  I’m starting to build some confidence and finally not waddling like a duck.  Although, standing, sitting and breathing still hurt a little.  This one is intense, I was ready to divorce my workout partner(Autumn) 5 minutes into this, keep in mind the first two minutes were warm up.   Holy crap this one is tough.  Burpees are one of the most evil things ever invented.  Don’t believe me, try 20 in a row.  This one has all the fun, burpees, mountain climbers, up and downs in a plank.  I have yet to see Autumn break a sweat.  Someone really needs to see if she’s some type of bionic experiment or maybe an alien.  Try the workout, you’ll see what I mean.


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