Day 6

Today’s workout is called “Dirty 30.”  Given the fact I can barely walk, it sounds ominous.  At this point I’ve given up all expectations of ever being able to walk like a normal person again.  At least until day 22, which is pretty optimistic since I’m only giving myself one day to heal.  Once again, the workout kicked my butt.  This is a good reminder why I should never let myself get so out of shape again.  I vaguely remember making a promise to myself in 2006.  One a brighter note, I’ve got the warm up down, that’s the one routine I can complete!  Food has yet to be a real issue since I’m in the 2100-2300 calorie range.  Although, choices are starting to feel stale.  We decided to order Autumn’s cookbook.  I still haven’t figured out the Shakeology mystery.  I have yet to feel any real cravings, which is pretty unusual for me.


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