Day 7

Yoga day….hooray!  Although, I’m not sure excited I am to try Autumn’s version of yoga.  I’ve learned my lessons over the past week.  Maybe this will help me walk like a normal person again.  But then again, this could be one of her secret tricks to make me suffer.

I completed the workout and it wasn’t actually bad.  I did still sweat a little bit, but I didn’t leave the usual lakes of sweat on the workout mat.  The hardest part was trying to figure out the moves.  My mental preparation for tomorrow has begun.     I’m learning a lot about quinoa.  It’s plain jane but spices up nicely.  I found a 21 day fix recipe for Creole seasoning which I added to the quinoa.  That combined with an all natural chicken sausage and a few tablespoons of Louisiana Hot sauce make for an awesome dinner.


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