Day 7

Yoga day….hooray!  Although, I’m not sure excited I am to try Autumn’s version of yoga.  I’ve learned my lessons over the past week.  Maybe this will help me walk like a normal person again.  But then again, this could be one of her secret tricks to make me suffer.

I completed the workout and it wasn’t actually bad.  I did still sweat a little bit, but I didn’t leave the usual lakes of sweat on the workout mat.  The hardest part was trying to figure out the moves.  My mental preparation for tomorrow has begun.     I’m learning a lot about quinoa.  It’s plain jane but spices up nicely.  I found a 21 day fix recipe for Creole seasoning which I added to the quinoa.  That combined with an all natural chicken sausage and a few tablespoons of Louisiana Hot sauce make for an awesome dinner.


Day 6

Today’s workout is called “Dirty 30.”  Given the fact I can barely walk, it sounds ominous.  At this point I’ve given up all expectations of ever being able to walk like a normal person again.  At least until day 22, which is pretty optimistic since I’m only giving myself one day to heal.  Once again, the workout kicked my butt.  This is a good reminder why I should never let myself get so out of shape again.  I vaguely remember making a promise to myself in 2006.  One a brighter note, I’ve got the warm up down, that’s the one routine I can complete!  Food has yet to be a real issue since I’m in the 2100-2300 calorie range.  Although, choices are starting to feel stale.  We decided to order Autumn’s cookbook.  I still haven’t figured out the Shakeology mystery.  I have yet to feel any real cravings, which is pretty unusual for me.

Day 5

Out of bed at the now usual 5:00 am.  Today is Cardio Fix day, I’m pretty sure this will be epic.  I’m starting to build some confidence and finally not waddling like a duck.  Although, standing, sitting and breathing still hurt a little.  This one is intense, I was ready to divorce my workout partner(Autumn) 5 minutes into this, keep in mind the first two minutes were warm up.   Holy crap this one is tough.  Burpees are one of the most evil things ever invented.  Don’t believe me, try 20 in a row.  This one has all the fun, burpees, mountain climbers, up and downs in a plank.  I have yet to see Autumn break a sweat.  Someone really needs to see if she’s some type of bionic experiment or maybe an alien.  Try the workout, you’ll see what I mean.

Day 4

Today is Pilates day.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’ve come to the conclusion that Autumn hates me.  This workout proved it.  I thought it might be a little bit of a break, but reality just kicked my butt.  I’m pretty she is laughing at me behind her smile….but Flab Dad isn’t a quitter.  At least not yet :O)  I have yet to feel like I’m starving.  It is time to venture out and find some new recipes.  There are some good ones on the BB site.  Beef and Broccoli was great, the first three times.  I’ve also found myself going to bed much earlier, I don’t think I made it past 8:3o pm.  Don’t be jealous of my wild party lifestyle.

Day 3

I woke up extra early(work week started) to get this done!  Today is lower body.  I finally found a work out I could pretty much handle out of the gate.  Well, that’s what I thought until mean Ms. Autumn introduced a “bonus” at the end of today’s workout.  Based on our history together, I was right, she doesn’t believe in bonuses, only torture.   I made it, and not gonna lie, I couldn’t wait for the cool down.  Other than ever single strand of muscle aching in my body, I’m starting to get this hang of this.  Looking forward to being able to walk up stairs soon.  I even received many nice compliments today at work such as “are you a duck?”  “did you injure yourself”  “are you gonna make it?”  Sometimes, I wonder myself :O)

Day 2

Getting out of bed, walking up stairs, trying to get out of my chair….those are my new challenges.  Luckily, today is upper body.  Maybe Autumn and I will get along after all.  I felt pretty good about this one.  I’ve done quite of few the exercises before.  That all ended with “scissor twists.”  I’m pretty sure the same evil person who came up with frog crunches also thought this one up.  They kicked my butt.  I attempted a few with very little success.  Luckily, you can pull your knee to your chest which is actually doable.  I kinda wonder of some of these people(especially Autumn) aren’t bionic?  Seems reasonable to me.  If you try these workouts, you’ll probably agree.

My biggest surprise with the program has been the food.  Honestly, I feel like I’m cheating.  Who knew you could make a beef and broccoli stir fry that actually tastes good?  Surprise!!  I have yet to consume everything I’m allowed.  Speaking of surprises, what is this mysterious thing known as Shakeology?  I’ve tried quite a few protein powders, mostly from GNC.  I would find myself full of cravings about an hour after drinking them.  I have yet to experience that with Shakeology.  (Disclaimer-I’m not a coach..yet…maybe one day).  For me, Shakeology combined with the 21 day fix seems to finally be the solution I needed.


Day 1

Today is THE DAY.  I woke up at 7am on a beautiful Sunday morning.  I was anxious to start off the day with a workout and my first 21 day fix breakfast.  I couldn’t ask for a better day to start “my” program.  I eagerly popped the dvd in and hit play.  What a nice sweet group of people I get to work out with today.  Autumn seems so nice and friendly.  Let’s get this Cardio Fix started.  Warm ups I can handle that.  2 minutes in, I got this.  I’m not sure what happened, but at some point those nice sweet people turned on me….don’t let those sweet smiles fool you.  She’s a MONSTER.  Dear god, please don’t let me have a heart attack.  I wanna get fit, honest!  Do these people even sweat???!!!!  I’m literally dying and they’re going on like this is NO BIG DEAL.  These people are freaks!  “Don’t stop”…”push through it”…seriously, I think I’m dying.  So far, my favorite part is the rest.  That, I can do!  Eventually, we got to abs, which was super awesome because I could lay down.  Not so fast, she made me do frogs crunches.  What the hell are frog crunches?  I’ve never seen a frog workout.  No frog in their right mind would do this.  Breathe, breathe, breathe…it burns.  It burns so bad.  In the end, I made it and it felt good.  Well, it felt good until I tried to walk up stairs.  I still think she’s evil, but maybe that will change next week.  Stay tuned!


This is it.  My last day of bad choices, no matter how good those bad choices taste.  I’m really gonna miss chimichangas.  I love those things…deep fried delicious.  I’m also going to miss good beer.  I live in West Michigan(Grand Rapids is beer city USA).  New breweries pop all the time and bring more magic deliciousness daily.  Below is the last good one I’m going to have for awhile.  Cousin John brought it all the way from Wisconsin.  If you put a little bit of heaven in a can and combined it with hops, it would taste like this beer.20160903_162016

But life is about choices and I really need to improve.  The dad bod has got to go no matter how hard people try to sell it as sexy….I did eat Taco Bell for my last meal though….I still had a few hours until I started the 21 Day Fix with BeachBody.  I decided to go out in style!  Tomorrow is the day.